A Podcast a day…

Any Millennial Manhattanite (or city-dweller for that matter) clobbering down the street with white earbuds connected to the newly-updated iPhone is probably not listening to their Apple Music (does anyone even pay for that?). They are instead likely listening to the newest form of talk radio – the Podcast. While I know Podcasts been around for quite some time, I feel like they are finally reaching their peak popularity.

Why not brush up on the daily news and politics while walking to work? Care for a lesson about some of the most infamous serial killers while waiting for your coffee? Want to laugh about how single you are while standing alone on the crowded subway? Then Podcasts are for you.

We are the generation of multi-taskers after all…go ahead and kill two birds with one stone.

A Podcast A Day Blog GraphicI freely admit that I have not just sipped, but instead I have gulped this kool-aid. I freaking love Podcasts. I was finding myself bored of my same old tunes and #tbt playlists on Spotify, so I opted instead to learn something new while commuting (of which there is a lot in NYC). I am THAT girl who will stroll into the office and ask, “omg, have you listened to XYZ podcast?” Or, “I learned the most fascinating fact about the Kremlin this morning!”. I will then proceed to tell you about my findings without hesitation. I don’t really care if you don’t want to hear it – I want you to hear it. It’s also an added bonus that I feel like the hosts are my friends…yeah, I realize how sad that sounds, but the big city is a lonely place.

So in the vein of preaching my lifestyle and pushing my agenda on anyone and everyone, here is a list of some of my fave podcasts. Let me start with my T5 for right now, I have a few more but we can save that for a later post.

My Favorite Murder

  • True Crime with a Twist: When I first mention the name of this podcast to folks, I am immediately greeted with looks of concern. Okay, I admit it, I am a true crime junkie. I have always harbored a deep love for Law & Order: SVU, Dateline NBC, Forensic Files, you name it. I am a self-proclaimed #Murderino (the name of their tride and true fans) and look forward to my walks to work when I have Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark in my ear. These two feisty comedians have an enviable friendship and openly talk about the importance of mental health and staying true to yourself. And of course, some spooky and effed up stories are sprinkled into the mix as well. #SSDGM

Anna Faris is Unqualified

  • Convos and relationship advice from some unlikely folks: First of all, Anna Faris is hysterical. I just love her. I did also love her marriage with Chris Pratt (duh) but hey, we can’t have it all. This Podcast is laugh-out-loud funny. Anna will bring on friends and celebrity guests and ask them ridiculous questions to get to know them on a different and less superficial level. They will then call to a listener who has submitted a question asking for some relationship advice. Anna (who claims she is “unqualified”) and her guest will attempt to help the listener make a decision about how to best proceed in resolving said relationship issue. It’s not only heartwarming to hear how much Anna truly cares about her fans, but it’s also hysterical. She does some amazing impressions of the good ‘ol Hollywood folks that bring me to tears. And as a bonus, her friendship with her producer, Sim Sarna, is adorable.

How I Built This

  • Inspiration for the entrepreneurial spirit: Guy Raz hosts this NPR podcast highlighting business owners and asking them their stories about the empires they built. We normally only see one side of success stories – the part where they become successful. But as we all rationally know, that’s not the whole story. How I Built This tells the entire journey of these entrepreneurs and doesn’t neglect to highlight the struggles and hardships along with the celebrations. This Podcast leaves me hopeful and inspired by the passions of these business owners. It makes me love brands / companies even more to know the story of how they got there.

Why Oh Why

  • You’re not the only single lady out there: I sometimes have mixed feelings about this podcast. Why Oh Why takes an inside look at the collision of relationships and technology. I am fascinated by human behavior especially when it comes to relationships. This podcast takes a dive into society and the perceptions and realities of dating. The host can at times seem whiney, but overall, I tend to learn something about relationships by the end of an episode.

Hidden Brain

  • If you don’t know, now you know: Another NPR podcast for you. Hidden Brain is hosted by Shankar Vedantam and sheds light on things you’ve probably thought about but never actually knew. It’s a way for the curious to learn and understand “unconscious patterns that drive human behavior”. Some of the topics of past episodes include: making decisions, killing robots, broken windows, etc. This thought-provoking podcast gets my noggin’ stirring and makes me more aware of the thoughts behind my decisions and actions.

SO there you have it. I love podcasts and I love learning. LMK if y’all have any podcast suggestions. And if you find yourself feeling like these hosts are becoming your friends, remember who knew them first 😉



Guess who’s back

Back At It

Here I am. Gazing at that city sunshine.

Hey fam, long time no chat. But not to fret, I’m back. No, this entire post won’t rhyme. Chill out.

Life has been absolutely insane. In the past 10 months of neglecting my wordpress account and ignoring questions about the “blog”, I’ve been feeling inclined to continue on this journey and share my sage wisdom with the world. Lord knows I love to share my opinions.

Fall is creeping up here in the Big Apple and ya girl is ready for the boots, oversized sweaters, and the excuse to wear leggings as pants. But don’t let the crisp leaves and chilly breeze fool you…Fall / Winter in your 20’s also means…Wedding Season.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good party centered around dancing and drinking with my best friends, but weddings = $$$, especially if you’re a bridesmaid. It really is an honor to be asked to join your bestie up at the altar and be a part of their big day, it really is, and I’m beyond thrilled and honored to have been chosen! But as you may or may not know, Taylor Anne really likes a nice routine. And with lots of traveling for work, job changes, life changes, adulting, etc. sometimes the idea of heading away for a weekend and knowing you’ll return hungover AF is not super enticing.


I do, however, find that during and after the wedding weekends, I am truly elated. My weekend will just have been spent with some of the most amazing and influential people in my life and I come back on cloud 9 for a bit before the big depression hits…then it’s back to the work travel, job changes, life changes, adulting, etc. The endless cycle of life continues.

Enter my epic wisdom: At the ripe old age of 25 (almost 26, holy crap), I can tell you this with 100% certainty: Despite your urge to stay home, catch up on HTGAWM and whine about heading out of town for the weekend, remember what you’re going to get out of it: laughing so hard you pee yourself (guilty), great catch-ups with your pals who live across the country, a major cardio workout on the dance floor, and of course, my signature, a great laughing pic of you and your ladies for the gram.


So live it up and drink it down my peeps. You will only be able to see your friends get married once (no shame in a few victory laps if that’s in the stars for them) so get your ass on that plane, pack some band-aids, and enjoy every single minute.


It’s Planner Time

Happy 2017!

Sorry I’ve been so MIA lately. The holidays were crazy busy [I got a new apartment in Houston!!!] and work has taken up a lot of my time. But, here I am! So I wanted to write briefly about this new planner that I seriously cannot get enough of.

For all of those who know me, you know that I loooooove a good planner. I always have the most difficult time finding one that is a good fit for my day-to-day life, and I often end up switching planners in the middle of the year because I get bored. Enter – the ink+volt, Volt Planner. I really do think that my life is going to be exponentially better due to this bad boy.


What makes it so great you ask? In typical fashion, let me make you a list:

  1. Beautiful Hardcover book with thick creamy pages
  2. A page to outline your 2017! You even get to make your own theme for the year!
  3. A place to write down achievements – you gotta give yourself credit!
  4. A page for weekly goals before every week
  5. A weekly prompt that makes you think more about your life and how you want to live it.
  6. A section to celebrate your wins weekly. This is sooooo important y’all. Load on that self-love!
  7. Reminders every week to review your yearly goals and take a look at your progress from last week.

planner-and-coverI already feel myself becoming more organized and challenged by this planner. And guys, it even has the most beautiful custom sleeve by byrd & belle so it doesn’t get scratched up and looks sleek when carrying it from meeting to meeting.

I decided to add a bit of a personal touch with a monogram decal from TheMonogrammedPrep on Etsy!

Bonus: if you check out this post on the ink + volt blog, there’s an amazing worksheet that can help you map out your goals for 2017!

Face Products to Lust After

I often get asked by my friends and co-workers what products I use for my skin. I’m telling you I am a crazy person when it comes to protecting and nourishing my body’s largest organ! There are so many different types of products available so I really try dig to find the best ones out there. So here are 5 (of the many) products I cannot live without for you to enjoy or try out!


// 1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. //


I prefer products that are made with natural ingredients but I do sometimes go for the clinical-type products (like my Kate Sommerville Sunscreen or my CE Ferulic). I’ve recently gotten turned on to Drunk Elephant, which is a natural skincare line. I recently even found out that the creator of Drunk Elephant is from Houston! #reppin’

Tata Harper is an amazing line out of a farm in Vermont that makes me feel like a Princess whenever I put it on. My skin has changed drastically since I began using Tata’s products. And y’all, the scent of her products is made from real flowers – it is unreal.

So if you’re looking to treat yourself to a fun new face product or are just looking for something new, try one of these products out!

What skincare products do you use or recommend?

Gettin’ Festive in NYC

If you live or work in New York City you’ve probably heard of Rolf’s. This place is the most festive restaurant / bar I have seen to date during the Holiday Season in NYC. I work near Gramercy Park so I get to walk by it a fair amount. While sitting at the bar, you literally feel like you are enjoying your drink in the center of a Christmas tree. It makes me wonder if this is what the elves live like 😉 . You walk right in and instantly feel like you’ve been pulled into the epicenter of holiday magic. You’ve gotta stop in and give it a try if you’re in the neighborhood. And while you’re at it, enjoy a nice glass of mulled wine to get you in the holiday spirit!
What’s your favorite Holiday Spot in NYC?

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Dive Right In

So here I go. Jumping in without first testing the waters to make sure the temperature is juuuuuuust right.diveThis is really so unlike me – I am the girl who likes to outline every part of my day. I mean, I make lists for fun. I enjoy organizing my desk for goodness sake!

Needless to say, I’m out of my comfort zone. But that’s the best place to be, right? That’s where you learn about your fears, how to face them, while figuring out how to deal with them. I’ve got this.

I am always so inspired by people who create lifestyle blogs and share their many tips and tricks. Whenever I am having a tough moment and need a little motivation I pop on over to one of my fave blogs and read away. Websites are such powerful platforms of self-expression that can also help others who may relate or have similar experiences. So here I am, diving in. I hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I enjoy writing them.


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